Waterparks (band) Wiki

Awsten Knight is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in Waterparks. The band was founded in 2011 and has since released three EPs and four albums.

Awsten is known to make his fans lose their minds by leaking music and dying his hair a different color for every new album. For example: for the second full-length album Entertainment (2018), he dyed his hair purple, and for the third album, Fandom (2019), he dyed it green. After a short period of his natural brown hair, his hair is now short and dyed a mix of pink/red, yellow, and blue.

Some more info:

  • Awsten is 29 years old.
  • His full name is Awsten Constantine Knight.
  • He was born on January 17th, 1992 at 12:28 pm (he thinks).
  • He is from Houston, Texas but in 2019 he moved to Los Angeles.
  • He is around 5'10, but jokes are commonly made that he is 7'3.
  • He plays bass in the studio recordings of every Waterparks song released after Cluster, as the band does not have an official bassist.
  • Awsten can sing and play bass guitar, guitar (acoustic & electric), drums, and piano.
  • He writes most of the songs for the band on his own (there are some exclusions, such as Crave, which was written by Geoff.)
  • He has heterochromia; one eye being lighter in color, with more grey undertones (his left eye is blue and the right is green).
  • Awsten has synesthesia, meaning he can categorize music and sounds as certain colors. This is the reason for the album colors, lights at shows, era aesthetics, and Awsten’s many hair colors.
  • Awsten released a book on November 12, 2019, titled You'd Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You).
  • He and his friend Travis Riddle host the podcast "Awsten + Travis' Slumber Party", where they read fanfiction related to Waterparks and its members. The show has gone through many guests and three seasons so far. There is also a Patreon for the podcast which has bonus episodes and video recordings of the episodes.
  • He used to date Otto's girlfriend Grace Rountree before they got together. He also dated actress Ciara Hanna for a while until their breakup in late 2017. Many Waterparks songs are assumably about her, including Worst (a demo of which was leaked by Awsten on Twitter shortly after the breakup).
  • He occasionally interacts with fans on social media platforms, most notably Twitter. He tends to talk in all caps on social media and only breaks the pattern for incredibly serious posts.
  • He dislikes it when people post photos of him when he was younger because they remind him of things he was struggling with mentally at the time. (read his book for more info on this topic)
  • He has a couple alter egos, Lil Kidz Bop and Felony Steve, whose names he's released music under.
  • He once worked at a haunted house called “Phobia” in high school.
  • He once called Remy from Ratatouille a "great rat, very talented".
  • His birth name is Austin, but when he around 10 or 11 he started spelling it as Awsten and eventually legally changed it.